7th International Web Audio conference, 6-8 July 2022, Cannes, FranceCampus Georges MélièsPalais Miramar, CannesCannes
Palais Miramar, 65 boulevard de la croisette,  Cannes la Bocca
Florian Pépellin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons,

Web Audio Conference 2022, #wac2022

 6-8 July 2022, Cannes, France

WAC is an international conference dedicated to web audio technologies and applications. The conference addresses academic research, artistic research, development, design, evaluation and standards concerned with emerging audio-related web technologies such as Web Audio API, Web RTC, WebSockets and Javascript. The conference welcomes web developers, music technologists, computer musicians, application designers, industry engineers, R&D scientists, academic researchers, artists, composers, students and people interested in the fields of web development, music technology, computer music, audio applications and web standards. Web Audio Conferences were previously held in 2015 at IRCAM and Mozilla in Paris, in 2016 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, in 2017 at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London in London, in 2018 at TU Berlin in Berlin, in 2019 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and in 2021 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and SonoSuite, Barcelona, Spain (virtual event). 
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Université Côte d'Azur

rs10415_campus_bastide_rouge_c_agglo._cannes_lerins_-_ext_7-lpr.jpgUniversité Côte d'Azur now includes 17 major academic establishments around the historic university core, to create one of France's top 10 research-intensive universities. Université Côte d'Azur is at the heart of an exceptionally beautiful and contrasting territory, between sea and mountain. 
The city of Cannes, where WAC 2022 will take place, is world-famous for its international film festival, but also for MIDEM, the leading international event for the global music community. WAC 2022 will take place both at the Miramar Palace on the Croisette, and in the brand new Georges Melies university campus, offering high-end facilities for the audiovisual creation chain, from production to broadcasting, university training and collaboration spaces for professionals.

For this conference, we have brought together the strengths of multiple laboratories : I3S and INRIA (computer science, signal processing, networks...) and CTEL  (linking artistic theory and practice with music, photography, film, dance, video games and digital arts), and two Graduate Schools : DS4H (Digital Systems For Humans) and Arts and Humanities CREATES (Creativity, Transformation, Emergences).


Well communicated with direct flights from/to the European capitals and international destinations, Cannes is a very popular destination for tourists and professionals, especially in summer.
Don't forget your bathing suit and sunglasses!


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Following the tradition previous years, We are using the Web Audio Slack community prior to the conference to discuss general info and during the conference for questions after the talks and general discussions. Make sure to join the slack here: web-audio-slackin.herokuapp.com and then join us in #wac2022.

We are tweeting from @webaudioconf with the hashtag #wac2022.

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